January 2020
Wow what a 2019!  We had moved to a more suitable Warehouse and offices with a much faster internet service  but still close enough to reach our Central London and East London clients within 30 minutes.  We rebranded our whole company, with a new trading name - still the same company!  but just a new shorter trading name of MSEG (Media Services Events Group), this assisted us to create a modern simplistic branding.  We are developing a new website, have a look - at which willl formally be launched later this year.

We carried out some wonderful events last year for some major computer brands, very glamorous award dinners and built some exciting sets using LED walls and some flair. With international clients from all over the world, our team assist them, carrying out site visits, detailed planning of the events and using highly qualified professional technical staff. We enjoyed it and are looking forward to assisting our clients to be impressed by us and enjoy their events for 2020.
Happy new year to all from
Tara and Ryan from Media Services.

March 2019
After a surprisingly busy February, we are welcoming back some wonderful clients from the Fashion and Energy worlds this month, as well as doing some very interesting Banking conferences. Companies are now asking us for more detailed set design and multiple break out rooms and screens over multiple days with projection mapping included, which is creating a more dynamic event for our clients.  Our company is now offering a personalised service with our clients, with full support from our MD's Ryan and Tara, giving our clients that more personalised touch and support at their events.

January 2019
it has been a busy few months, and now we are ready for the wonderful new year, Organising 3 larger conferences this month for the Energy sector as well as a number of fun events for venues and publicity companies.  Our team are also preparing for some larger events over the oncomming months.  Here is to a wonderful 2019!

October 2018
We welcome a wonderful new team, with Chris and Leon and Dave.  Dave has come from the theatre world,a Senior Technical Manager - with a great calm and creative lighting skills.  Introducing new procedures to improve our overall customer service.  With signage now on our vans - we are whizzing around London, setting up wonderful and creative events.  Our sales and Marketing team have set up a new web site under the MSEG banner - and we will be launching this in the new year fully - but go and have a look now - at and let us know what you think.   We have done some wonderful events this month, that we are very proud of - with dancers, celebrities and full show production for an international bank as well as a beautiful event for a major military organisation - who doesnt like lighting up the British Museum in red, white and blue!   Also this month, a wonderful chance to do a projection mapping for a major client, with all sorts of moving 2d images flying out of walls - it was lovely to see the clients face when they saw it for the first time.

September 2018
We are back from Summer and we have done all our warehouse work,prepping, health and safety checks and cleaning, ready for a boom Event Season.  Cant wait, love this season, lighting and awards, filming and happy clients that have events they are proud of.   We have created over the summer a wonderful Video Conference system to make it easier for our clients around the world.  Very excited!

July 2018
As a famous newspaper once said, what a scorcher!  We have been creating magical events for the World Cup 2018, Wimbledon and the Henley Regatta.  It is fun!  we have laid red carpet, and organised flowers, and supplied Marquees, brought in football themed furniture, grass and all sorts of wonderful concepts, even for footballers and famous rowers! With large LED walls being the main feature of this wonderful time.   Come on England ! our team here are supporting you...

June 2018
With some exciting new equipment in our range, we are launching these products to our clients over the oncomming weeks - the clients that want that beautiful minimalist experience for their events.  These will offer a much cleaner experience for our clients.

May 2018
We are busy!  and have recruited two new members to our team, Mitchell has come to us as an AV technician and has worked on very large concerts and events all over the world with very famous singers on large scale shows, his audio skills will be a valuable asset to our company.   In addition, we welcome Emily, who is our new Events and Office Co-ordinator in London, Emily has been a co-ordinator from the Theatre world and has experience of events also at the Edinburgh Festival each year.  Welcome to both and we hope they will be happy and gain more experience within the Media Services family.
In addition, we are busy setting up new clients and establishing their AV needs, as well as Michael is working on Event promotion.  Our business team are working on the re-branding and filming new videos, as well as a marketing launch and a new landing page for our website,   I told you it was busy!   Have a lovely May, and spring is here!

April 2018
We welcome Robin Bynoe, our new Events Project Manager, Robin has gained Events experience all over Europe and worked for clients such as FIFA, we are looking forward to his exciting ideas and creating amazing events.

March 2018
We have been awarded our Mayors Business award 2018 for excellence in the category of Best in Lewisham. 

January 2018
We welcome Michael Michaelidi to the team as our new Business Development Manager in January 2018, Michael has worked with a number of prestigious clients all over Europe and we are looking forward to him bringing those additional event creative ideas to promote Media Services further. 

December 2017
In December, we had worked on a number of lovely events in December including parties creating Christmas magic, with furs and reindeers heads (not real!).  We are now starting to work on our new business planning and an exciting 2018.

November 2017
Well a busy month ahead and we hit it with a big bang working for the Energy Institute for their wonderful annual awards ceremony, we love working for this team and its such a great event with set design and lots of glamourous lighting, projection and in a very beautiful venue in central London.  We have also been busy buying new equipment including a good stock of uplighters and projectors.  This month we are doing a lot of Award Ceremonies, Well - it is the season of parties and we are working with a number of event agencies to produce great winter and award events and parties. 

October 2017
This month we have had good news which we are delighted about, Media Services have been approved by British Museum as one of their accredited AV suppliers.  This is exciting news for our team, and we will be working regularly at the British Museum over the next 2 years.
We have now employed our next Business Telesales person who is starting to progress our sales and we have had some interesting meetings with new clients already.  We are also advertising for a Business Development Manager, which we are very excited about. 
Some of the interesting events we have done this month, we have set up a very large LED wall for an exhibition and event agency. setting up webstreaming for a client for their conference, as well as a beautiful projection screen and show in a retail space to create that bit of interest to increase their sales.  And of course our daily events with many of our wonderful clients! 

September 2017
Well its back to work we go ho ho!   We are getting busy now with clients returning to work and people all over the world organising Audio Visual equipment for their events in London.  We would like to welcome Simon Melsom to our team, an Audio Visual Technician with a wealth of experience  who has come from the venue world.  In addition we are organising event equipment for a fashion show this month, with events at a Local Authority venue and tendering for Venue Partnership contracts as well as our normal Venue business.  Go Media Services team!

August 2017
A lovely article written by the Hereford Times this month has been published about our directors Ryan and Tara Roche Schiavon - and their sucess with Goldman Sachs, it comments on their unusual type of Brother and Sister family team within the AV industry.  If you would like to read it, just follow the link below

August 2017
Well a busy month organising and carrying out our Health and Safety checking of all our AV equipment as well as our PAT testing. Our lovely team have been busy reviewing and testing all our equipment ready for the busy events season.  We have been organising also our clients AV equipment maintenance and repair to ensure our clients run smoothly, which is a new service offered by our team and working very well for our clients.  In addition we have been purchasing a lot of new AV equipment for some of our clients and organising the installation of their new Event equipment and projectors all for a good price!   Our team are now rested and looking forward to a great number of events!

July 2017.
Media Services are now advertising for a 5 new team members, including 2 sales people, an AV Technician and 2 onsite Technicians, it will be a busy few months, but we have been awarded a contract with a prestigious fashion label starting later in the year, working on site for them organising the technology and equipment for fashion shows, there is no shortage of young men applying for this position!   We have done an interesting event for the Fifa playstation gaming company this month, all exciting stuff!

June 2017
It has been a busy 2 months, Media Services have been chosen to work within 3 new venues as their approved Audio Visual Services supplier.  In addition, we are delighted to be now the approved supplier for Friends House, and our expert Venue Partnership Manager is already increasing their event sales within weeks of arriving!  We look forward to working with Friends House as a wonderful venue with incredible values on sustainability.
Their venue is a wonderful venue near Euston with many meeting rooms, cafe and a great public ethos.

April 2017
Great news this month, Our Managing Director has been accepted onto the prestigious Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business programme, with only 70 Uk business' being accepted this year,   This will mean that she has the opportunity to work with many Senior and Academic business advisors from Golman Sachs to Oxford University to ultimately create our Business Growth plan. This is an exciting opportunity for Media Services, with a wealth of mentors to assist in our growth plan and development or our teams.  Well done Tara,!

March 2017
Spring is here, and the daffodils are blooming which makes everyone feel positive.  An unusual job this month projecting onto the White Cliffs of Dover on behalf of The Sun newspaper - this made the front page! so our client was happy!  As well as some larger conferences for some wonderful clients and a wealth of compliments for our team - please see the testimonial page to see some of the compliments our team receives. 
We are recruiting and working on contracts with some major venues to become their preferred supplier.  Planning for training of our team to occur in April to keep them abreast of  new technology.   As well as two internal promotions for Taz and Davis, congratulations on your new jobs - we are so happy your careers are progressing.

February 2017
It has been a very busy February, which is nice!  Our team have been working on some larger conferences, we also have been chosen to be the preferred AV supplier for three further prestigious clients, as well as a venue partnership - which we are grateful, we will work very hard to ensure their AV service is 5 star, we will announce these in the oncoming months.  Due to these increases, we will be recruiting further AV technicians and project managers. 

December 2016
This month we have had a busier December than expected!  but some lovely magical and special events which are always nice to see our clients enjoying their own Christmas parties!  Our own Christmas party for our team involved a great night out in London Bridge with one too many sherries! and a charming ladies afternoon tea - the best in Wales!  so thank you to all of our Clients and our lovely team for all your hard work and support through 2016, much love.  Tara and Ryan

November 2016
Welcome to Davis Jaunzems, our new AV Technician. Davis has a wealth of technical experience working at London venues and for all types of clients and their events, he is a great asset to our team with his loyalty and wonderful work ethic as well as his attention to detail.  Good luck Davis!

October 2016.
This month we welcome 2 new members of staff,  Welcome to Hereford, Dani Sainty who will be our new Deputy Business Manager and is tasked with getting us out into the Exhibition world, improving our marketing, branding and many other business functionality.  And we welcome Daniel Sumner, our new trainee AV technician, Dan has come from the Theatre world and is one of the most cheerful people we have ever met!  so welcome to our wonderful new members, we are excited you are arriving and hope to make this company great!

September 2016
The event season has started!  With over 110 events this month created by our team.  They have created some wonderfully creative events, from projecting a cycle tour around Amsterdam to creating a wonderful horror event with the sounds, smells and spooky lighting for some high profile clients and their marketing teams, the events team here are creating magic. We have undertaken awards ceremonies, large conferences with set designs, screens and breakout rooms as well as weddings and experimental events.  Congratulate our Senior Management team also as we welcome 3 high profile clients and are very happy to be their approved and regular Event Production company.

August 2016
How exciting!  With the Brazil 2016 Olympic games starting this week, the hire of plasma screens and staging is increasing rapidly, with people planning on having some amazing Olympic parties and events in their bars and venues and external areas.  We are advising clients if they need to book anything, please do it as soon as you can, as this is the time when screens are being booked very quickly.  Lighting in the Brazillian colours is a nice touch too.  But hey come on Team GB!

June 2016
A record month to date, with some wonderful and creative events, including the wonderful 'Tackling Corruption Event' looking after many dignitaries and members of the Press at The Commonwealth, sucessfullythis event featured on many national news items,successfullyensuring a large number of press could have access to internet and phones in a Marquis in the grounds as well as a seamless movement and multiple running of conferences and workshops involving filming, microphones, laptops, projectors and multiple presentations throughout many rooms within the buildings.
We welcome 2 further prestigious venues to our care this month, where we are the preferred supplier for all their Audio Visual requirements.

May 2016
We would like to welcome this month a new AV Technician to our team, Matthew White. Matthew has over 10 years experience as an AV Technician in London working within many venues, with experience of setting up all types of AV equipment for all types of  events.  We are looking forward to him having a great future with the team here at Media Services. His experience is invaluable to assist Media Services to remaining one of the best AV Companies with a great team focussing on a great service for our clients.
In addition this month, our Sales & Marketing team have been progressing the website development and Google Adwords campaign, concentrating on our sales and growth.  New photographs have also been loaded onto the website gallery depicting more types of events that we are regularly doing, in addition our Sales team have been creating a more dramatic portfoliio of photos for meetings.
We have had our largest month of Sales this month in record and our great team are taking this in their stride with 28 new clients as well as our existing Clients.  Well done!

April 2016
This month has seen the quiet launch of our company Twtitter pages, our sales team have been setting this up to create added value to our Clients and followers.  It is our aim to create interesting and valuable content that is worth reading!  Once we are happy with its content, we will set up links from our webpages, but if you want to have a look in the meantime, go to Media Services on Twitter.
We have also purchased a larger number of new laptops and a number of 65" Plasma screens this month, which will assist on the larger projects.

March 2016
A very busy March, and our wonderful project team are also preparing for events for our UK clients for events in Germany, Amsterdam and Singapore for the oncomming months. We also congratulate Richard who this month is trialing a new service for our regular Venues, as Venue Partnership Manager, Richard will attend show rounds with the Venue staff and their clients, he can add to their meetings with clients by offering better AV equipment and more creative ideas, to ensure their client is buying better technology and that their events stay modern and impressive,  Richard is also able to add more profit for the venues with upselling opportunities.  Good luck Richard with this exciting new position.  If any company or venue is interested in this type of service, they should call Richard at Media Services on 0208 692 6050.

We are now purchasing larger touch screens and improving technology.  Our main team are doing a wonderful job and have received a good number of compliments from regular and new clients this month.   Sales are increasing again on last year by 45% for February, and expected to increase extensively by the end of this year.

February 2016.
For IP Week, Media Services were asked to run the event for the week, including set design and ensuring branding of the client, as well as filming, video, lighting and visual design as well as technically running a number of rooms and co-ordinating multiple presentations.  It was long days and our wonderful team created a series of sucessful events. 

February 2016.
An event in the Savoy Hotel in London went very well this week.  DJ equipment and lighting set up within the hotel,  and a party atmosphere for our client and their team was created. 

January 2016
Well done to the team for the events we had carried out in Mens Fashion week for brands such as Top Shop and Hackett, everyone did very well for an exciting group of events.

January 2015.
We would like to welcome a new member to our team, Robert Whitworth is our new Business Development Manager, he will be visiting our clients to ensure they have all they need and to inspire with new creative ideas for events.  Robert has come from a creative entertainment career, so will add that creative flair that our team pride themselves in.  Welcome Robert!

January 2015
Having finalised our accounts this month, the company have seen another 35% growth on our previous year.  With this strength, and a wonderful team, Media Services are expecting to excel this year further, whilst delivering an excellent service

December 2015
Another great Christmas party with all the team.  A great night out in Greenwich again, a few too many drinks and a few sore heads, but a big thank you to all the team for all their hard work for the year.  Here is to a great 2016.

December 2015
Today we say goodbye to Marc Derham, who has been working for us for over 4 years.  Marc has been an integral part of our growing company and  a wonderful technician, we want to wish him well for his new life back in Ireland.  And to wish him a happy wedding next year to his lovely fiance Louise. Goodbye Marc.

December 2015.
Tadeuz (Taz) has joined the team as our Lead Senior AV Technician this month and we welcome his wonderful experience and dynamic approach.  He will be a wonderful addition and will be the supervisor of the techs and freelancers, his vast experience and great customer service will give Media Services that extra client facing aspect to our team and assist the technicians in having a go-to person.

November 2015
The company has finalised its company accounts and has the pleasure of announcing 35% growth from last year, with over 30% growth each year, Media Services is doing very well.  Well done to all the team for their hard work and for keep delivering excellent results.

October 2015
Two Techncians have joined this month, Alfredo is a very experienced technician from Italy having worked as sound engineer on very large concerts and outside festivals, his skill base will add to our wonderful team.  Ignacio has joined as a trainee, with a sound degree - he has a wonderful basis of knowledge.  Good luck chaps!

September 2015
We would like to welcome Ian Murray to our team, Ian will be our new AV Co-ordinator and has the job of discussing with clients about events and helping them with their event brief and quotes.  Ian has come from a film background, so can hit the ground running. Welcome Ian!

August 2015
During August, all full time staff have received a pay increase, a big thank you to the team for all their hard work.

August 2015,
This is the month of the stock check!  but we have tested stock, cleaned and restocked.  Well done to the team for serial coding every item!  and to the links to the new asset register.  The warehouse is looking good for the new season.

May 2015
This month, we have brought in our new branding onto new uniforms, our team are now dressed in smart dark grey polo shirts with Media Services branding and logos, along with black trousers.  Looking good!

March 2015
Our team is expanding!  We welcome this month our new Project Manager, Gavin Short will be leading on larger projects and events for our company.  His experience spans over 15 years managing differing types of events, as well as many different venues including Project Managing at the Dorchester Hotel.  He hits the ground running and is already impressing us with his wonderful ideas and passion.  Good news!

February 2015
Our third Senior AV Technician has started this month, the team would like to welcome David Robinson.  David is an experienced Audio Visual Technician from Australia and will be a wonderful addition to our team.  Our new Project Manager is expected to start next month.

February 2015
The launch of our new Logo and branding this month, The new logo has been developed over the last 5 months to ensure Media Servies has a more defined image which is representative of our future.  The logo has some colour and a more modern clean feeling which displays professionalism but creativity, this we hope will represent our approach to our clients, our service, our team and our company.  
The Media Services team will roll out this branding and logo throughout our literature and finally to our staff uniforms by June 2015.

December 2014
Well a wonderful Christmas Party out in Greenwich with the team, too many cocktails !  but a great night out and lots of fun.  Happy Christmas everyone and a wonderful 2015.

November 2014
Media Services are looking for 2 new AV Technicians and Project Manager, we are hoping to start these new staff by early 2015.  With a number of projects already booked in, 2015, it is going to a wonderful year for the Media Services team.

October 2014
The busiest month we have ever had, wonderful work from our team, when customers were requiring last minute equipment, our great team of AV Technicians and Co-ordinators have made it all happen, delivering early in the morning and very late at night to ensure customers get everything they need on time.  Thank you to the team.

September 2014
We would like to welcome to the team two new AV technicians.  Welcome to Oscar and Jamie, they will be working across London ensuring our clients have their AV set up quickly and efficiently with a smile.

September 2014
Heading into a busy season, we have purchased new equpment including 4 new plasma screens and new microphones to ensure we can supply our new and existing customers. 

August 2014
Well we have now moved to our wonderful new larger warehouses giving us the much needed desk space, light, security and a happy team!  Well done to everyone for moving us and all of the equipment and racking and vans - all over the week-end and ensuring no break in service to our wonderful clients.  Thank you from Tara and Ryan.

July 2014
We start building work this month in our new warehouse in SE8, this will give us the needed space to expand, in addition we will be recruiting 2 more technical staff next month to enable us to continue a high level of customer service and to bring additional skills to our team of AV Technicians.

May 2014.
Welcome to Helen, who is now confirmed as the new member of our Finance team.  Helen will look after invoicing for our clients and provide a dedicated service for them.

March 2014
This month, we have moved our Registered office and business address to larger premises at The White Houses, Kingstone, HR2 9HD.  This is wonderful for the Business team to have light spacious offices and a kettle that works!

March 2014
With many customers taking advantage of the 20% discount for any equipment pre-ordered for the World Cup 2014, we are seeing orders coming in fast.  We have decided to send out a mailshot to advise our regular customers to pre-order any equipment ready for the World Cup celebrations.  Order your plasma and television screens NOW!  What a time it will be!

January 2014
Well after a very busy 4 months, the team are now purchasing new stock and equipment, as well as testing current stock.  January is our training month and to ensure staff catch up on any training they may require.  Orders are coming in and we are getting ready for a very busy 2014.  Happy New Year to all our customers.

Sept 2013
We have entered Awards Season!  Our team have just completed a wonderful event for the Film Awards in a cool warehouse in London.  With a tight budget, our clever team used fabulous gobos and lighting, and projectors projecting films onto walls.  They transfered the venue to a spectaculor event with the wow factor.

May 2013
We have now purchased 2 new vans for delivering AV Equipment and teams across London!  These both include sat nav and GPS tracking, so we give clients an accurate delivery time any time of the day or night, we will know where the vans are and how long it will take to get to a venue. We now have another high panel van, which will allow us to carry larger sets and staging.  The team are excited by the air conditioning - roll on summer!

19th March 2013
Media Services are delighted to welcome our 3 new employees to the audio visual hire team.
Richard Williams has joined as our AV Coordinator and will be assisting clients with all their AV hire needs by working on our busy hire desk, as an experienced technician, he will be able to answer AV equipment queries, provide quotes and make sure all our clients are very well looked after.
Xabier Regidor and Pavlos Drosos are our new Audio Visual technicians and will be working with our other technicians, helping to deliver exceptional events. 
1st March 2013
Following on from an excellent year where Media Services now work in partnership with over 35 venues across London.
Of course new clients mean new Audio Visual equipment stock and we are proud to say that we are continuously investing in new and exciting equipment to meet the high demands of our clients.  All of our radio microphones hire have now moved over to the new channel 38 bandwidth and we are now only using the Sennheiser G3 Radio Hand Held and Lapel microphones.  We have also invested in new LED Slim Par Pro RGBA Tri colour up lights, which give fantastic colour mixing and a high light output.  Perfect for up-lighting your event!
So, whatever you need to bring your event or conference to life, you can be assured that Media Services has the crewing and most up to date audio visual equipment to make it happen.

Summer 2012 –
The Olympics are going to be a very busy time for all Audio Visual equipment suppliers across London, with hundreds of events planned every day - from many of the Olympic Houses and many corporate clients arriving into London to do product launches – We are advising our clients to book their AV equipment early.  
As it is a busy time and traffic will be very slow and heavy, Media Services will deliver the majority of AV equipment throughout the night to venues.  We are planning our services now, and our offices and warehouses will be manned 24 hours a day – to ensure that clients get their AV equipment during this very exciting time.

January 2012 –
With a great 2011 behind us and some exciting projects completed, Media Services have an exciting year planned with new clients and the Olympics in the summer –
This month, we have expanded our warehouse space and further developed our offices, We have also just completed our new look web site. Please have a look around.

Please telephone or email us to book and hire your Audio Visual equipment.


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