Projector hire - greater impact at your next event and Promoting your brand!
07 Nov 2017

Projector hire - greater impact at your next event and Promoting your brand!

As we all know Projectors are ideal for business meetings, conferences and all types of events and provide your organisation with a variety of ways to present their ideas and information across in a professional and modern way.

We tend to think of projectors being used for meetings and conferences. However, it’s not just meeting rooms and conference halls that can benefit from the use of projectors; they can be used in a range of venues to promote products, provide information, attract attention and give impact to any indoor or outdoor gathering. For example, shops can promote new stock and current offers by using a back projected display onto their shop window to capture the attention of passers-by.

Film makers often make use of a projected image instead of having to film moving footage on location. High power projectors are used to give high quality definition onto wide screens or buildings.

Photographers can use projectors to project an image behind the model or object they are photographing, again saving costs by using a studio rather than expensive or unpredictable location shoots.

Theatre goers will have noticed that backdrops now include the use of projection to provide quick scene changes and special effects to enhance the play.

Projector and screen hire for your next event
Let your imagination run wild for your next event. Don’t let the projector that is supplied by the venue stop you. Hire a projector that will give your event impact and leave a lasting impression on your audience, why not project a moving scene onto your backdrop or on your receptions walls as an impact for when visiting clients come to see you – giving your company that impressive wow factor!  As you can see from the photo above, Media Services projected onto the set, moving stars which gave a lovely impact for an awards ceremony whilst changing colour throughout the night – no more grey felt sets!

Our technical team can advise you what type, size and specification of projector you will need to suit your venue and what you want to achieve. Whether you need a back projection, short throw or long throw projection, small or large screens, we will be able to advise you, set everything up and be on hand to make sure your event is a success.

Technological advances over recent years have provided projectors that are reliable and give high quality images. When hiring a projector, you will need to provide as much information about the event as possible. For example: venue size, lighting, audience size and what you want to achieve.

Our team can then advise you about the best projector to hire for your needs.