27 May 2018

It is Easy to Hack into your Conference!

Are you Company Secrets safe at your event?
With so many data breaches around the world, it is time we all started getting safe with very important company iinformation.
Holding events with your Senior Management team that you trust at your offices or within a respected venue but Many clients are now asking themselves,  is this data safe?

The answer is no! 

if you are using wireless microphones that can be intercepted easily as well as broadcasting using webstreaming or showing video on screens and using the normal video cameras, your information can be accessed fairly easily.
A competitor can listen and watch!  It is fairly easy to hack into your conference!
There are many things you can do to protect this precious data and minimise the risk of your competitors getting into some of your very important information.
We have a Senior technical team – that will advise you how to make your data as safe as possible and avoid  your important information being out there!

Please call our specialist team at MSEG to discuss the technical equipment we can use to protect your data.