28 Jan 2018

How to Light your event!

Event lighting that will transform your venue
The use of lighting can transform your event and create the right mood for your audience. Whether you want subdued lighting from uplighters or a stage set that explodes in a mass of colour and movement, the right choice of lighting can provide an experience your audience will not forget.
Depending on the size of your venue and what you want to achieve, you will need a lighting plan; for example, if you have presenters on stage, you may need spotlights to follow them when needed. The rest of the room will need controlled lighting that can be low for note taking or high in between presentations.
Different venues and types of events will need different lighting solutions.

Stage lighting hire for conferences, product launches and presentations
The focus for these events will be the stage in front of the audience.  A “Followspot” is ideal for this purpose allowing the spotlight to follow a presenter around the stage. Operators need to be experienced and work to an advanced plan. In addition, spotlights such as “Source Fours” or “Fresnel Lanterns” can be used to highlight areas on stage with the optional addition of gels, patterns and internal shutters to shape the beam.
Intelligent moving heads and gobos can also be used produce the client’s logo, images or patterns around the room, ideal for this type of event to build brand awareness. They can be programmed to provide a coordinated light show as simple or complex as needed.
To create the right atmosphere for your event, the use of uplighters positioned around the walls will provide background lighting in any colour to match the theme of your event.

Wedding and party lighting hire
Wedding and party venues come in all shapes and sizes, from hotel ballrooms to marquees. Whatever your venue, lighting can create just the right mood for your guests and leave a lasting memory of your special day.
Wedding lighting can transform your venue into a glittering space to celebrate your day by using a variety of lighting such as:
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Disco lighting for the dance floor
  • Fairy lights
  • Special effects
  • Mood uplighters
  • Backdrops
  • Flameless candles
  • Medieval torches
Party lighting can include DJ lighting and equipment to get your guests in the party mood.

Lighting hire
Experience and the necessary skills are needed to plan and programme lighting to enhance the venue space, make the right choice of lighting equipment and where to mount it.
The amount of heat given off by spotlights and power consumption also need to be taken into consideration.
If you choose us as your event production and management company, we can provide a complete service from ordering the flowers, singers and performers, AV equipment, stage sets and a complete plan from installation to dismantling.
Have a project in mind? Get in touch to find out how your event can leave your audience or guests with a lasting impression.