Audio Visual Companies - What Do They Actually Do?
11 Jul 2017

Audio Visual Companies - What Do They Actually Do?

If you’re planning an event, no matter its scale or budget, no matter if it’s a corporate function or a private party; you’ll most likely have come across a range of audio visual companies on the internet whilst searching for things like microphone hire, lighting hire and projector hire. That’s because audio visual companies specialise in providing equipment like this – and so much more – for events. You can choose to “dry hire” the equipment, meaning you will set it up and operate it yourself, or you can choose to “wet hire” it and have the AV company’s technicians install and operate it for you. There may even be a possibility, if you’re a corporate customer, to purchase the equipment or software you’ve just rented. But AV equipment hire is not the only thing that audio visual companies do.  

Many audio visual companies have now expanded into event production – talented Production or Project Managers will plan, produce and bring together every detail of an event, from the smallest of particulars to the largest of structures in order to deliver a spectacularly creative and memorable occasion on time and to budget, from start to finish. And they do this not just by utilising the technology the AV company has – for example, lighting control desks, sound mixing desks and PA systems – but by also designing, printing and building bespoke elements such as sets; stages, exhibition panels, lecterns and dance floors. They have also been known, particularly for weddings, to dress and decorate venues.

Other things that audio visual companies do are they work closely with venues like hotels, studios, exhibition arenas and even company head offices; they form partnerships with them and provide them with onsite AV technicians or Venue Partnership Managers. As part of this managed facility, these AV technicians and VPMs will manage the running of the client’s daily events, they’ll also maintain and service any audio visual systems their company has installed, and they’ll oversee their client’s video conferencing. These onsite technicians’ primary goal is to support their clients in the lifecycle management of all the audio visual technology their company has provided and they’ll work out how best to utilize the AV equipment and adapt its use for their client’s advantage.

Some audio visual companies also provide videography and photography services, help desk and remote monitoring facilities, interpretation services for conferences and seminars, web streaming and broadcasting, exhibition stand hire and brand activation. And as technology advances, there’ll certainly be more services to come.

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